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Using as a point of departure the engravings or "symbols" from an alchemical treatise by Basil Valentin, entitled "AZOTH, or the Means to Make the Occult Gold of the Philosophers" (1659), six series of visual discourses, as many as there are images in the book, have been created in order to develop the symbolic content of each image.

  Introduction to "Art and symbol" by Raimon Arola
  The whole series of engravings from the "Azoth" by Basil Valentin
  Translated extracts from the original text
  Use of the e-Book

Index of chapters
  1. Atlas, the Philosopher-Artist.
  2. V.I.T.R.I.O.L., the secret place.
  3. The Goddess, the universal mother.
  4. The androgynous, the matter of the Art.
  5. Operation of the Philosophical Mystery.
  6. The old one, the Primordial Man.

PDF of the ancient text of the Basil Valentin's
work entitled "De l'esprit cache secret de l'Or des Philosophes"
Original French text (PDF)

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