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Manual for Help with the visual processes as created on Macromedia Flash.

If you cannot see the processes, make sure that you have installed Macromedia flash player, Version 7.


This e-book is composed of a presentation, six visual processes and a review of the images that appear in each process.

Nine "pages" or slides make up each process. These "pages" or slides, that have one or two images with their corresponding texts, load themselves separately when the process is activated.

In order to go to the next "page" or slide you should press next, and in order to return to a "page" or previous slide you will press previous, thus at any moment it is possible to go to the review where one can contemplate all of the images that fit the lecture. It is possible also to select one of them in order to begin the lecture separately.

When a visual process is finished one must activate the following in the same way. Each process maintains a relationship with the previous and with the next although it can be seen as independent, because each one of them is built around a particular alchemical symbol.

The text that accompanies the images loads at the same time and can be moved by the two orange arrows as desired to go forward or to return to the beginning of the text.

We remind that the "flash" program allows enlarging the images when you push the button at the right of the "mouse" and select the option "enlarge".

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