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Website for the Course on Symbolism. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Spain.
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Using as a point of departure the great traditional symbolic themes, various visual discourses have been generated looking for a new way of contemplating the images in relationship, so that said relationship may carry us to discover the significance of each symbol from an inductive mode, more than a discursive one.



Visual Discourses

Through the interrelationship between images of different ages and cultures the symbolic content is shown. It deals with a new way of "reading" the works of art beyond the esthetics, looking for a parallel discourse directed to one's intuition.

  The Temple, an Allegory of the Creation [Html]

Tarot and the Elements [Html]

Myth of the Descent [Flash 7]

Myth of the Ascent [Flash 7]

Art and Occultism [Html]

The Magical Montain [Html]

The Kabbalah: Letter and Spirit [Html]

Angels and Monsters [Html]

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