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Según Paracelso, "el súmum de las verdades teológicas y filosóficas están contenidos en la religión de las dos luces, la luz de la gracia y la luz de la naturaleza". Hemos querido seguir las enseñanzas de este genio renacentista, y ordenar los símbolos según estos dos principios, la gracia, o mística y la naturaleza o química.

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"The current world is neither real nor unreal, neither good nor bad. It is formed by a portion of divine light divided up infinitely in the darkness of non-being. Here is the fall of Lucifer and the exile of Adam. The return to God is like the separation with the darkness and like the reunion with the primordial light. Here is the redemption of Adam" (L. Cattiaux, The Message Rediscovered 9, 5-8)

"We honour the royal splendour that restores the world rendering it immortal, ageless, incorruptible, without infection, always alive, always prosperous, in possession of power at Hill, so that the dead are resurrected and there comes the immortality of the living being who restores the world as it pleases him" (Gathas of Zarathustra)

"He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name". (Psalms 111, 9)

"Great is the teshubah (return to God, repentance) because brings the salvation to the world. Great is the teshubah, because reaches the Throne of Glory. Great is the teshubah, because redemption comes with it" (The Talmud)

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