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Louis Cattiaux. The Place of the    Vision.

Contemporary of the surrealistas, Cattiaux he shared with them the search of hidden worlds. However, than more surrealista, its painting would have to be described as visionary. In his fabrics a universal unreal stranger lives and, very different from which can be contemplated with the vulgar eyes.


Louis Cattiaux

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Beginning the process

Louis Cattiaux The Place of the Vision
The Clock of God's Night and Day

Louis Cattiaux appears photographed painting in his home-studio workshop, an a temporal and magical space located in the ground floor of St. Clotilde's square, right in the middle of Paris. Emmanuel d'Hooghvorst described it as follows: "His small painting studio, magically decorated, seemed to enclose the entire universe. There one breathed the perfume of some internally guarded Garden of Eden; and one kept returning frequently, without really knowing why, perhaps simply magnetized by the heat. Because, what emanated from this man was a kind of warmth never reached, totally different from simple cordiality, and also the sense of an immense secret, alive, but jealously guarded, as the philosophical fish that swims in deep waters. He lived candidly, with sobriety, with poverty according to the men, joyful and contented as a child and as such, without malice." In the small writing desk that appears in the first level, he wrote his most important work: The Message Rediscovered in which he condensed his hermetic experiences.

  • Photograph of Louis Cattiaux.

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