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According to Paracelsus, "the sumum of theological and philosophical truths is contained in the religion of the two lights, the light of grace and the light of nature". We have wanted to follow the lessons of this Renaissance genius, and to order the principles, the grace or mystic and the nature of chemistry.

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"God made himself man so that man may became God" (Maister Eckhart in a Treasury of Traditional Wisdom by W. N. Perry).

"God is not a delirious abstraction of the human spirit, as the descriptions of some believers might have us believe. He is a living reality that is seen, smelled, touched, tasted and that gives imperishable life. Is that not sufficient and is it not marvellous? Some one said: 'No-one has ever seen God ' but we say: 'Everyone sees God every day, but no-one recognizes him'. Oh, stupor of the dazzling obviousness that no-one sees! Oh, too-cruel humour of the Perfect One who gleams! Oh, accursed stupidity of our proud malice that totally blinds us! Only the obviousness of life is not seen nor believed here below. It is true that the obviousness of death is not better understood! Even the simple ones no longer see nor adore the Lord of life. Who shall send us a savage missionary to convert us to the obviousness and the love of the Highest? Everything we say about God and everything we think about him is false. Only that which God is and that which God does is true. Those who imagine God in their own image are totally blind and ignorant. They vainly recreate on earth that which dazzles them in heaven. God is not a hypothesis, he is an incandescent cloud, a translucent stone a living reality for ever. No image could give us an idea of the living beauty of the unique heavenly Splendour. There are imbeciles who attempt to prove with words the existence or non existence of God . It is certainly the funniest thing in the world, or the saddest. How can demonstrate water to fish if not removing them from it momentarily? And how can you demonstrate light to men, if not by plunging them into darkness for a while". ( L. Cattiaux, The Message Rediscovered 26, 24-28')

"Fools that think God, kindle him in yourselves!" (E. d'Hooghvorst, Aphorisms of the New World)

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