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Louis Cattiaux, "Self portrait"

Louis Cattiaux (Valenciennes, 1904 – Paris, 1953), painter, poet, and hermetic philosopher. Contemporary with the French Vanguards, he attained to create a personal style in which is evident a visionary substrate underlying. But Cattiaux is not only interesting because of his painting, but, above all, for his links with the Hermetic tradition, because at his artistic practice united a strong orientation towards Alchemy and the search for the Absolute. This search flowed into an encounter: The Message Rediscovered, a work composed of more than six thousand sentences or aphorisms that are much more than a study of the Hermetic tradition. He also wrote an essay dedicated to painting: Physics and metaphysics of painting. A text written with the intention of deepening, through the artistic language, in the profound mystery that hides itself beyond art.


Louis Cattiaux

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1904 Louis-Ghislain Cattiaux was born on 17th August in Valenciennes (France).

1922 He studied at the École des Arts et Métiers in Paris.

1928 He lived for some months in Dahomey (in central Africa, now Benin), working for a trading company.

1932 He married Henriette Péré. Together with her, he set up a gallery of avant-garde art called Gravitations.

1934 Cattiaux was one of several French poets and painters to sign the manifesto Transhylisme.

1938 He began writing Le Message Retrouvé.

1946 Publication of the first edition of Le Message Retrouvé (the first twelve chapters, with a preface by Lanza del Vasto).

1949 He met the d'Hooghvorst family, with whom he maintained a fruitful correspondence. From 1980, fragments of the letters were published under the title Florilège Cattésien.

1951 He wrote a treatise about painting Physique et métaphysique de la peinture (Physics and metaphysics of painting).

1953 He departed from this world on 16th July.

1954 Publication of an anthology of his poetry, including Poèmes alchimiques, tristes, zen, d'avant, de la résonance, and de la connaissance, by the Paris publisher Le Cercle du Livre.

1956 Publication of the first complete edition of Le Message Retrouvé by the Paris publisher Denoël.

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