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Title page for The Message Rediscovered, 1956

This section tries to be an introduction to the most important Cattiaux's work, The Message Rediscovered. So, we present the first five Books or chapters from this work and some forewords and introductory writings about The Message Rediscovered, a book that contains, as his author said, "a tightly initiation and mystique presented in a concentrated form that demands more than a straightforward reading, the words being transcended by the revelation, and the work presenting itself as liquid air that has acquired other extraordinary properties, but which are invisible at first sight" The verses are arranged in two columns, for there are two men in us, the carnal man and the spiritual one, the left column generally giving the earthly meanings: moral, philosophical and ascetic; the right column giving the heavenly meanings: cosmologic, mystical and initiatory. Sometimes these verses are completed with a third one placed in the middle of the page, bringing together the two others in the alchemic meaning that unites heaven and earth, relating to the mystery of God, of creation and of man.



Louis Cattiaux

1 VOLUME Format: 6 x 8.46 inches Pages: 448

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The Message Rediscovered :: Book 5

The fire did not melt that heavenly food that resembles frost and is just as fusible.


Because that which resisted the destructive action of the fire melted easily, heated by the slightest ray of sun.



1. He who has placed his confidence and love in God can lose or acquire all here below; he no longer worries about it. 1'. The Lord recognises his children by the delirium of their love, which makes the wisdom of their wish.

2. The superior man enlightens and gives life to all that approaches him.
The inferior one obscures and kills all that touches him.

2'. Water purifies the stain of the world.
Fire makes perfect the virtue of water.

3. Let us lead the warriors before the bones of the dead and ask them: "Place your friends on the right and your enemies on the left; teach us justice".

3'. Behind the changes of the world there remains the eternal essence of life.
Who can recognize it now?

4. 4. Only God can re-unite what death has dispersed. He shall place all dead earth outside and re-unite the suns in his heart.
To him the judgement, the light and the glory.
4'. The creating fire rested in the living water, and all was hidden beneath the mantle of dark death.

5. God's envoy experiences no prudence when the fire of the Lord possesses him. 5'. The saint saves the existence of others by sacrificing his own.

6. God's friend is completely reserved when the light of heaven is his.19
6'. The sage helps all men by leading his life towards perfection.

7. Those who tempt God lock themselves away in death. 7'. The hero kills everyone and kills himself.

8. Victory is obtained over the Beast that lives within us and will not yield. 8'. What forces God destroys man, and what humiliates man erases God.

9. Let us pray so that death finds us praising God with true poetry and adoring him with pure love. 9'. He who has obtained the water of the earth must look for the earth of the water in order to make perfect the work of the Lord.

10. Perfection would be to think and act as though the world belonged to us and that we had referred it back to God.
10'. The traveller of heaven and earth weighs heavy in the depths of hell and flies in the highest firmament.

11. Krist,20 invited to the wedding, went to it without ceremony, and participated in the feast without flagging.
"The perfection in love, the simplicity in accomplishment."
11'. Between water and wine there is a place for the earth's blood, and between mud and wheat there is a place for the sun's body.

12. Meditation kills the dead and enlightens the living.
Useless discussions lead everyone astray.

12'. He who possesses gold argues with no-one to affirm his wealth.

13. One can only converse with God with inner peace, as one can only converse with men with outer calm. 13'. The light of heaven springs from the great silence of death through the effect of grace and love acting on it.

14. The thought of death is no longer a curb on the folly of men, for the world which has become ignorant and weak rejects this vision with horror or abandons itself to it passionately and blindly.
14'. The ignorant one is recognizable by the boredom, contempt or anger he feels before the natural teaching of God.

15. Wretchedness, slavery, illness, old age and death constantly bring us back toward the one reality that is God. 15'. He who does not look away from the wretched end of everything soon sees the glory of the Lord resplendant.

16. The greatest revolt against the world should end in the most absolute submission to God.
16'. The absurdity of misfortune clearly demonstrates to us the vanity of our judgements and our actions.

17. God only delivers those who implore him with a furious desire and an insane love
17'. He who renounces earth and heaven receives God without hindrance.

18. Saints are hated by vulgar men, as they are the living examples of what they themselves are not.
18'. Gold separates itself from mud through its own weight, and sometimes through its great lightness.

19. God communicates his science and instills his love in those he recognizes as his children. 19'. The children of love are engendered by the heavenly fire; that is why they are alive in eternity.

20. The fingers of the hand are sufficient to count the chosen ones of a time of the earth.
"O living jewels, hidden among the extinguished multitude of blind men!"

20'. There is no encouragement here below for sages and saints.
The persecutions that they endure in the world add to their price before God.

21. Original knowledge involves an immense temptation for the mortal man.
It is only revealed to those with pure, humble and faithful hearts.

21'. God is like a treasure buried in the earth that we trample on, and like a secret hidden in the rain that falls on our heads.

22. Those who possess the science remain carefully hidden, except one, who teaches pure men the way.

22'. He who possesses love and wisdom judges nothing and no-one.

23. Let us pray to God that he allows us meet a true instructor before the day of judgement, and let us pray to him so that we recognize his envoy when he appears before us.
23'. All what is patiently desired for is easily obtained. It is enough to choose well at the beginning, so as not to recriminate at the end.

24. Let us give back to God the praises he bestows on us, since the gifts that motivate them all come from him.
24'. Heavenly water engenders the Universe, which in turn manifests it in holy and perfect stone.

25. It is in misfortune and at the moment of death that man reveals what is inside him.
25'. The water alive for eternity is the singular plural of the visible and invisible worlds.

26. The prayer experienced for one minute is worth more than the dead lesson pondered on throughout a whole lifetime.
26'. The saint that prays to God in his heart is more efficient than all the armies of the world put together.

27. To preach renunciation and cling to riches is to condemn oneself to double death.
27'. He who possesses the secret fire can acquire and give up all without harm.

28. It is better to use the things of the world discreetly and praise God for the opportunities he offers us. 28'. The holiness of peoples appears in the detachment and simplicity of the instructors.

29. He who minds only his own business avoids gratuitous enemies and blind dispersion. 29'. By remaining unknown in the world, one escapes the malevolence of the mediocre, the envious and the treacherous.

30. He who collaborates in God's work acquires substantial life and peace forever.
30'. The sage joins his action to that of heaven and earth, for he knows the beginning, the middle and the end of everything down here.

31. He who complains about men or about God shows his ignorance or his presumption. 31'. He who pities men and praises God demonstrates his love and his knowledge.

32. There is neither peace nor security for anyone in this world. Misfortune keeps us awake constantly; it is the instructor of lost men par excellence.
32'. All that has come from mud shall return to mud, until the sun takes possession of all the purity in the world and fixes it in God's new land.

33. Supreme remedies are often the most bitter to the taste.

33'. The penetration of the thoughts of the sages leads the most ordinary of men to God.

34. The vulgar man is like a cork on the raging sea of the world.
He who has the love of God remains firm in all places and on all occasions; it is the subject of astonishment for those around him.

34'. The saint helps the multitude of men, but these can do nothing for or against his advance, for it is the Lord that wakes us or sends us to sleep as he wishes.

35. The ordeal tempers the strong and teaches the weak.
It is the law of the world.

35'. Everything that we send returns increased to us, and we become what we have chosen to be.

36. He who reaches the divine truth laughs, cries, admires, praises and blesses eternally. 36'. The morning star guides us to the moon of gentleness and to the sun of strength.

37. The idolatry of oneself leads to madness in death.
The love of God leads to final wisdom in the impassive life.

37'. The man who links light to darkness participates in the total world.

38. By avoiding worldly competitions, one easily acquires the freedom to pray and to search for God.
38'. Let us enforce nothing by violence, not even the truth, if it would provoke disputes and hate.

39. The ignorant one tortures nature in every ways and means and in every sphere.
He who is instructed discovers it by one way and in one place.

39'. Grace and love deliver us from filth and unite us with God in the secret of the first substance and essence.

40. He who discovers the God's truth smiles even at misfortune and death.
40'. When we possess the united truth, not one contradiction or agreement shall make our judgement waver.

41. He who obeys God displeases vulgar men. 41'. God magnetizes his children until he delivers them from exile before the appointed time.

42. Our joys and our pains are of no interest to the world; let us offer them to he who receives his children lovingly, for he is the sum of all the ancestors.
42'. Holy love is like the to-ing and fro-ing that links them together, and at their source, men lost in death.

43. If we must speak, let us praise the perfection of God's works. If we must remain silent, let us pray to him in our hearts in order to know him better.
43'. Knowledge is like the reunion of man with his eternal, living and free origin.

44. The entrance to science is to observe the world without prejudice and to study how it perpetuates itself in life and in death.
44'. Wisdom has not begun and shall not end, just like the Unique that it nurtures in its bosom.

45. The more one belongs to the Being, the more unreal the world becomes. The more one gives oneself to the world, the more non-existent God seems.
45'. Love began with the first separation; it shall come to rest with the final reintegration in the identification of the total union.

46. The limitation of desires ensures the freedom and the repose of the intelligent man. 46'. Let us pray before God, so that he may re-engender us in the holiness of the perfect love.

47. The union with God engenders joy and peace without mixture.
47'. There is no common ground between God's work and the science of rebellious men.

48. The strength and security of the saint is to be ignored by the corrupt world.
48'. The virtue of each being is hidden in his seed.

49. The glory of wisdom is to converse with God and never entrust oneself to impious men.
49'. The four elements form the alphabet with which God teaches clear-sighted men.

50. Our plain reason removes from us the evidence of the divine science.
50'. God mocks the scholars of the world in an unheard of fashion..

51. God possesses the gift of perfect humour. He laughs at the proud, the cunning and the greedy.
51'. How many turn away from the futile agitation of the world?
How many examine the agonies and resurrections of the earth?

52. Only he who has acquired mastery over himself can command other men. 52'. The man who possesses the knowledge of love perpetuates himself eternally.

53. Let us think first of God, and he shall supply our ordinary and extraordinary needs. 53'. Silence, repose and detachment maintain the sage's energy.

54. The health, riches, glory and the science of men are smoke soon dissipated by misfortune. 54'. The secret of true success consists of always following the greatest slope of love.

55. True power and greatness are always accompanied by great tolerance.
55'. The holy stone crushes only the impious and the profaners.

56. He who is instructed considers the world as the veil that covers the living reality of God.
56'. Behind the changes of the world moves the holy Mother of men, and in her reposes the mysterious Father.

57. If the world ignores or rejects us, let us turn back toward God, who has always known and loved us. 57'. What difference subsists between the river and the dewdrop once they have rejoined the primordial ocean?

58. To be considered mad, incompetent, lazy or an idiot, and not be distressed by the fact, resembles wisdom.
58'. The sage smiles even at death. He knows that no portion of God can be destroyed.

59. The greatest deficiency of ordinary men is not to admire, not to love and not to know God.
59'. He is like the central point of the purified luminous sphere.

60. One cannot save someone against their will, but one can lose them without their consent.
60'. Man's fall was caused by the cold of death.
The assumption of the Mother is free in the heat of love.

61. Intelligence means using the world as a loan granted by God and giving him thanks for it in any circumstances.

61'. Let us accomplish perfectly what we have decided to do, but let us consider nothing in this world as definitive.

62. Prudence is accepting no word without having gone over it a thousand times, and speaking only of what one knows well. 62'. He who fixes the fire inside the purified earth becomes master of himself and of the total world.

63. Great perspicacity and total rectitude of spirit are required in order to see the world as it is, and not as we imagine it. 63'. Death manifests the renewal of all things through the life that leaves and re-enters without us knowing how to seize it and fix it.

64. There is more benefit and more joy in conversing for one minute with God than in arguing a whole lifetime with men.
64'. He who attains God makes perfect humanity in its entirety, for he thus attracts like a magnet his own substance buried in the tomb.

65. The reason behind the existence of all things is God, who has no reason to be.
65'. The Being always remains the master of divided creation.

66. God has raised us to be witnesses to his splendour, and to share his glory at the beginning and at the end of creation. 66'. The Holy Spirit makes the pure soul appear and exalts the clear body.
"Oh holy trinity, admirable sun of grace, of love and of knowledge!"

67. It is better to endure a thousand injustices than to commit one only. 67'. To imagine is more unsettling than to do or to endure.

68. God at the centre of life.
Life in the middle of death.
Therefore, all is exposed to the view of each of us.

68'. The mystery of God is a treasure that one must keep carefully within oneself until the time of the universal judgement, on pain of being killed by the world or of killing the world.

69. The intelligence of the water and the possession of the earth make man modest and silent.
69'. That which is obscure at the beginning appears luminous at the end.

70. He who believes in God saves nothing.
He who knows him possesses nothing.
70'. By withdrawing from that which is useless, one arrives rapidly at the solitude and the liberty necessary for the quest for God.

71. It is love that unites the part with the whole, and it is knowledge that maintains all in one. 71'. The rejection of the passions of the world is the condition of the divine union.

72. One is like moving water.
The other is like impassible gold.
72'. The glorious Universe shall be born from the union of man and woman.

73. The divine will is not violent, and its perfection is never hurried.
73'. The former opens the earth until the centre of hell.
The latter raises the light up to heaven.

74. The most dangerous madness is to force to live those who do not wish to live, and to teach those who do not ask to be taught.
74'. Everything that constrains man is repugnant to God.

75. The law of making perfect is accomplished in the ordeal, the most excellent of which is the life incarnate.
75'. From movement to rest and from rest to movement there is nothing but the time of God's judgement.

76. He who is most spat on without wiping himself is declared the winner on earth and in heaven.

76'. He who has mastered the passions sees the light of the Perfect gleam through the night of the world.

77. Few men are capable of bearing victoriously the ordeal of humiliation.

77'. The masters use the subtlety of grace to make the faithfulness of love appear.

78. He who puts himself to the test and humiliates himself voluntarily wards off misfortune and shame.
78'. The secret victory over the world is made perfect in the solitude of God.

79. Success isolates man from his earthly companions.
Defeat returns him to the common mass, but he who reaches God is never alone again.

79'. The destiny of men is written in the stars and is reabsorbed by them; but he who fixes his life in God escapes the alternatives of destiny.

80. The victorious one carries the light of the world.
The vanquished one remains shamefully in the shadow.
"Who shall receive the glorious, living crown from the hands of the Lord of justice?"
80'. He who explains has not understood.
He who has understood searches for the water of earth and heaven.
He who has the water of earth and heaven sows the sun on it.

81. The function of heaven and of earth is to lower that which is high and raise that which is low to accomplish God's work. 81'. The perfection of heavenly gold manifests the glory and the power of God in his purified creation.

82. One can destroy everything in the world, except the origin of the world. 82'. He hides in the dark, stiff mud.

83. All that which is extraordinary and beautiful is accomplished in the solitude of divine creation.
83'. Forced labour engenders only sadness and death.

84. To leave God is to fall into the multiplicity of death. To re-enter God is to be born again in the unity of life.
84'. He who seeks to please or displease men shall never penetrate as far as God.

85. The man who is instructed searches for the content of everything and helps the changes of the world.
The ignorant man perceives only the outer layer of things and opposes the transformations of nature.

85'. God's friends are not loved by the world, just as the friends of the world are not loved by God; nevertheless, all of them subsist in the hand of the divine connoisseur.

86. He who truly admires and loves God has but one desire: to return to him.
86'. Those who argue about God are not in him.

87. He who has rejoined the Mother and the Father is no longer disturbed by the appearances of the world.
He uses the things of the earth with detachment and submits with indifference to the needs of a life incarnate.

87'. By considering the beings and the things without desire, one sees what they really are, and he who humiliates no-one shall know the freedom and the repose of God.

88. The imprisoned soul cannot escape the desolation of death without the aid of its spring that has remained living and free.
88'. The moving multitude of stars fulfills its destiny in the fixedness of the ultimate sun.

89. God can deliver our life from the mud that hems it in on all sides and that stifles it to death.
Only he can fecundate it and lead it to the perfection of an infinite generation.

89'. To extract the perfume and reject the poison.
To reduce earth to water and turn water into earth again.
To cook heaven and earth21 until the birth of the most perfect sun.

90. Meditation unbinds the spirit, frees the soul and purifies the body of the saints, but it terrifies and kills vulgar men.
90'. He who floats in the world like wood drifting on the river soon bathes in the divine ocean.

91. Let us not reject the most minute lesson of misfortune, for fear of immediately receiving a greater one.
91'. To work on knowing oneself is to help the whole of humanity to be re-born.

92. Misfortune does not follow for long he who faces up to it and smiles on it without coercion, for the constancy of love erases our blemishes and relieves us from the burdens of death. 92'. By abstaining from the works of death and participating in those of life, we reduce the sum of misfortune necessary for our instruction.
93. The search for God engenders such passion and provides such hapiness that all the troubles of the world seem erased.
93'. Let us avoid the mediocre that speak to us of God, for the dead are not qualified to present the Living One.
94. God's science wears a terrifying mask in order to ward off faint-hearted men.

94'. The perfume of the rose hides beneath the stench of death.
95. The evidence of the creation and the mystery of the sages' teaching cannot be understood without the aid of God.
95'. The water that comes out of the earth engenders the sun of the resurrection through the power of the fertilizing love of the Most High.

  Who, then, could give back life to a dead thing by returning movement to it?


  They die before having known Wisdom.


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