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Title page for The Message Rediscovered, 1956

This section tries to be an introduction to the most important Cattiaux's work, The Message Rediscovered. So, we present the first five Books or chapters from this work and some forewords and introductory writings about The Message Rediscovered, a book that contains, as his author said, "a tightly initiation and mystique presented in a concentrated form that demands more than a straightforward reading, the words being transcended by the revelation, and the work presenting itself as liquid air that has acquired other extraordinary properties, but which are invisible at first sight" The verses are arranged in two columns, for there are two men in us, the carnal man and the spiritual one, the left column generally giving the earthly meanings: moral, philosophical and ascetic; the right column giving the heavenly meanings: cosmologic, mystical and initiatory. Sometimes these verses are completed with a third one placed in the middle of the page, bringing together the two others in the alchemic meaning that unites heaven and earth, relating to the mystery of God, of creation and of man.



Louis Cattiaux

1 VOLUME Format: 6 x 8.46 inches Pages: 448

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The Message Rediscovered :: Book 4

The stone which the builders rejected has become the headstone of the pinnacle. This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous before our eyes.


O! That I be regenerated, that my spirit be purified and sublimated, that the Spirit from above breathes in me, that I see the divine fire!



1. The admiration and the study of the works of nature leads to the love and the knowledge of God. 1'. The black earth lying dormant.
The living light of the world.
The truly perfect red Saviour.

2. The alternatives of faith and doubt constitute the whole drama of our divine quest.
2'. Everything that distances itself from nature leads to death, and everything that penetrates man ends in God.

3. Abandonment to the divine will, that is the difficult admission of our ignorance and impotence.

3'. Let us give and receive all with detachment, in order to know the unity of men in God.

4. The sage who loses a friend is neither surprised nor sad because he has been alone with God for a long time.
"True friends always remain united in the golden Lord."
4'. Love delivers us from solitude, making us one with men on earth, and it leads us to knowledge, making us one with God in heaven.

5. We must examine carefully all our earthly desires in order to understand that they are vain, and that the love and the knowledge of God are the only desirable end. 5'. The way of knowledge resides in the confidence of love, which is the perfect faith in the power of the Holy Spirit in action.

6. The knowledge of good and evil caused the fall of the first god created.
6'. The study of nature and of man leads to knowledge of the divine Universe.

7. Imprisoned in death, he can only be delivered by the part of him that has remained pure and free in God. 7'. The brightness of the stars is hidden in the water that was used to bathe the leper.

8. Knowledge of the divine secret liberates one from the middle world. The new state of purity shall be aware and more accomplished than the first. 8'. She offers silver and gold, the diamond and the ruby, but everyone rejects her hand because it is black.

9. Unrest is avoided by making gifted, lively men participate in the public offices and in the benefit of the nation. 9'. The dead themselves teach the saint, whom men stupidly reject from their darkened lives.

10. The righteous one who is buried alive breaks all that opposes his resurrection.
10'. He who helps a man in distress aids his own life.

11. He who meditates on the termination of everything acquires true science. The appearance is unfortunate, but the fruit is golden and alive. 11'. The triple life and the double death engender the middle Universe.
Who shall anticipate the sharing out of the end of time?

12. The sage speaks little, he observes everything and rarely acts. He knows the inanity of everything that does not end in God.
12'. Wisdom consists of not prejudging anything in the world, but considering that which transforms it, in order to discover what it is.

13. Every man should let his fellow men benefit from the gifts he has received from God, so that he can participate in the general and particular deliverance of the mixed Universe. 13'. He who reads into souls is truthful with everyone, but very few are at ease before him, for he denounces the secret burdens of our darkened lives.

14. All joy, all love and all life are in the contemplation, in the knowledge and in the possession of God.
"Let us show our faith in God through the truth of the Book that manifests the light in our hearts."

14'. Those who have found the Unique forget everything, just as they have forgotten themselves in everything.
"He who says a word to his Lord has earned his daily wage, but he who hears a word from his Lord has earned his life."

15. All desolation, all hate and all death are to be found in the worries of the world, in the company of vulgar men and in exterior possession. 15'. God is secretly longed for by those who have lost him, because everything else always fails them.

16. It is easy to impose his law by force, it is difficult to propagate it by example.
16'. The law holds man back, duty enhances him, servitude debases him, but love raises him up to God.

17. Let us not scorn any thought or any work of our father, for it is thanks to them that we are alive.
"God's seer contemplates with amazement the cubic sea where the universes of the divine dream appear and disappear."

17'. All is in body and in spirit.
All is below and all is above.
This lives and is transformed perpetually.
All is triple and double, and yet unique.
This rises and this falls.
All is female outwardly and male inwardly.

18. Truth lies in the forsaken word of the ancient sages.
Who shall bring it out into the light of day? And who shall bury it again?

18'. The ancestor of the days smiles at us through death, but remains nameless and faceless in eternity.

19. God's sons are sent by love to lead the men lost in the immobile gloom of death back to their source.
To reject or kill one of these messengers is to send back God's forgiveness and condemn oneself to exile for ever.
19'. God's sons are sent by love to lead the men lost in the immobile gloom of death back to their source.
To reject or kill one of these messengers is to send back God's forgiveness and condemn oneself to exile for ever.

20. Secret justice wants men filled with God to be envied and persecuted by those that are most needy of in him.
20'. Let us pray to the Lord that he enlighten both our enemies and our friends, for if we must love everything within God, we must dread everything outside of him.

21. The sage teaches the world in repose and silence.
The fool disturbs everything with his agitation and his screams.

21'. Let us meditate on God until all reflection disappears and our light becomes one with him.

22. Lord, grant us the love and the knowledge so that we are able to endure without dying and forgive our lamentable blindness!
22'. Let us discreetly help those that suffer, in order to avoid the thanks or the insults of the ignorant, who think they acquire or lose something here below.

23. Being unfair and a liar with men, one acquires the goods of this world.
Being simple and upright before God, one obtains the eternal life of his realm.

23'. When death dominates the world, the holy life will be on the verge of appearing.
"That which is done in the light of day is not necessarily accomplished in the open air."

24. The proud one is vomited by the entire Universe.
He remains alone buried in the dead mud
24'. outside
Death. Pride. Ignorance .
Mare. Occultum. Igneum.

25. The general mixture was produced by the minute interruption of the contemplation of God by man, who wanted to know the Nothing and the Everything, by eating the fruit mixed with death.
25'. Before the beginning everything lay in the repose of the hard gloom of death.
Fire, on awakening in the water, ordered the chaos, and the four elements engendered the living spirit of the Universe.

26. Thus was born the middle Being, by the way of the fall of a fragment of the luminous Being into the dark non-being.
26'. The hot and the dry enlivened within the young light of God, and the cold and the wet manifested it outside; seven times the interior fire divided the Unique, and the stars appeared according to their rank.

27. The separation and the reunion shall be accomplished by the assembling of the living parts and by the rejection of the dead portion.
Accomplishment and perfection shall de brought about by the concentration of the light and through the ultimate marriage of heaven and earth.
27'. Finally, all rested in the perfect sun.
Thus, the divine light manifested its noble origin.
God contemplated himself in man and gave him his soul. He then advised them not to try to know their limits, in order to remain immortal.

28. Love shall achieve total deliverance; those who
are deprived of it shall remain in death.
28'. No-one could be able to reach God without passing through the universal holy Mother.

29. God attracts that which resembles him and rejects that
which is alien to him.
He could only unite himself with a thing that is perfectly purified.
29'. He who truly loves has no narrow-mindedness; that is why he is hated by the mediocre.

30. The variety of the mixture of one part of the Being
with the non-being produces the hierarchy of creatures from heaven to hell.
30'. He who possesses the holy light is complete and alive like his heavenly Father and his earthly mother.

31. The Being buries itself and resurrects itself for his own knowledge and for his own perfection. 31'. The first sage to recognise God had no books.
Nature taught him and he helped nature.

32. Friend of God, instructed in his work.
Dedicated to God, searching for him in himself.
Artist, making holy nature appear.
Healer, soothing his brothers.
Instructor, leading men towards their perfection.
Producer, patiently accomplishing the work necessary for life.
Peacemaker, at peace with his fellow men, maintaining order in his house.

32'. "Let us revere our divine teachers as the most beautiful images of God here below."
Our life in this world is a perpetual game of disguises, sometimes attractive and other times repulsive, comical or tragic, which puts each person's perspicacity to the test.
Happy is he who discovers, under the outer shell of the shadow, the triumphant nakedness of the intangible Lord!

33. All sadness comes from the importance that one attributes to
oneself and to others.
All joy comes from the trust one has in God.
33'. Men can well forget themselves in God, because he himself had no fear in forgetting himself in mankind.

34. Misfortune came from the abuse of the freedom that God gave
us. Happiness shall be found again through the observance of the laws he gave us.
34'. It is by passing through hideous death that we shall attain once more the sublime life of the Perfect.
"The water of heaven and the light of God shall certainly make us germinate."

35. Spiritual and bodily evil appears through the diminishing of
the pure Being that subsists within us and by the enlargement of the impure non-being that hems us in from all sides.

35'. The blaze of the world shall precede the benediction and the coming of the Lord, but how many will be prepared to confront the storm of fire? Those who have eaten that which is incombustible.

36. Spontaneous prayer, solitary repose, profound meditation, simple food and measured movement sustain the soul, spirit and body of the sage. 36'. The centre of the Universe lies in the heart of man, but in order to free it, it is first of all necessary for the free spirit to come to the aid of the spirit imprisoned by darkness.

37. The sages, friends of God, possess the perfection of
the world in one single thing despised by everyone.

37'. It is the blessing of God that sends the water of life, and it is his love that embodies the holy fire.

38. The higher the climb, the greater the risk of falling. Let us therefore always set our sights on the Lord and not look behind.

38'. Let us accept the failures that bring us closer to God and let us mistrust the successes that maintain us in death.

39. The Being and non-being are the poles of the all, between which the mixtures of the mixed Universe appear.

39'. The woman, who has brought death to the world, is destined to erase it in man, with the aid of God.

40. Darkness conceals light.
Evil covers good, and death masks life.

40'. There is nothing in the world that is not stained with mud, except for the glorious clothes of the Lord in heaven.

41. The most distant point from God is a complete absence
of God, and the closest point to God is a total presence of God.
The points in between form the graduated Universe.
41'. All that is within must join with that which is outside, and all that is outside must join with all that is within, to engender the sun of the glorious resurrection.

42. When the first separation is made, nothing shall subsist but the Being and the non-being, which shall be rejected.
When the second separation is accomplished, the united Being shall remain there, which shall be exalted.

42'. Let us think of God at the moment of death and we shall be with him at the time of life, for the ultimate perfection and for the utmost multiplication.

43. When we die, we shall wake up in God and remember our
life as an absurd dream.

43'. Let us rip open the worlds and bring together their light in the sun made of stone.
"The Lord's very heavy ruby."

44. It is more effective to vanquish the world by
confronting it than to not be vanquished by avoiding it. But both victories have their own recompense.
44'. One can expect anything of a rebel, of a murderer, even of a madman. One can expect nothing of a man who is mediocre.

45. All habits lead to death.
The purring and the sighing of the cloisters are as much
to be feared as the temptations of the world.

45'. He who looks at the heaven for too long lets his food burn, and he who only sees the earth forgets its purity.

46. The natural sages have established societies, religions
and arts. Let us bow before them, just as they kneel before God.
46'. The sons of the Lord are the brethren of the eternal sun; they already shine with the splendour of the celestial jewels and possess the density of purified gold.

47. White in black and red in white, the whole creation is present here.
47'. He who knows the Mother delivers man and penetrates up to God.

48. God is like a fixed, dry fire, hidden in a moving,
humid one.
He who discovers it possesses the mastery of life.
48'. The sage speaks and is silent in the same instant.
He discovers all, but vilifies nothing.

49. God is incomprehensible to all others but himself.
Science operates externally.
Knowledge accomplishes all within.
49'. When I think of him my heart merges into the water and my spirit flies in his immensity, but the weight of love fixes me in the peace of the secret centre.

50. The study of transmutations is the beginning and the
end of wisdom.
"Who shall make give solidity to the middle spirit of heaven and earth?"
50'. The sperm is the most concentrated and pure part of the body. The germ is the most perfect and fixed portion of the sperm.

51. We must humbly recognize the law of the world and shape our life according to the wisdom of God, who has established everything for our final perfection.
51'. Water is unique in the whole Universe, but it15 is different in each creation, of which man is the most accomplished.

52. It is by studying the work that one succeeds in knowing the master that has made it. 52'. The truth rests in the interior of each piece of earth.

53. It is the duty of each one of us to imitate God and
to separate the true from the false.
53'. The spirit manifestly enlightens the purified man, since the unique Splendour has lived in us since the beginning.

54. The greatest evil is like God's greatest
oversight, and the greatest good is comparable to his greatest presence.
54'. It is better not to be taught by God than to persist in not hearing him.
"Rest and you shall be roused, empty yourself and you shall be filled."

55. Misfortune is a corrective that has no purpose for him
who goes towards God via the shortest path.
He experiences voluntarily, through his thoughts, all the joys and sufferings of men.
He has immense goodwill towards God, and puts his trust totally in him.

55'. He who possesses love and knowledge acts without sinning, for he co-operates with the power of the Lord, who is total purity and strength in the life that is eternal and free.
"Perfect humility cannot go without total poverty, and holy love cannot appear without both of them."

56. Work dedicated to the search for God alone brings deliverance from the bonds of the world. 56'. The word of life comes from knowledge through the channel of love.

57. No creature can be preferred to God, even if that creature bears God within itself.
57'. From the total and hidden God emanates the visible and perfect Being.

58. It is wiser to obey the divine will that knows us, than
to try to escape from the law we do not understand.
58'. The failures of the world wisely lead us back into God's path.
"What has never been entirely lost could not be totally forgotten."

59. The impatient man displays his ignorance;
he who can wait sees his desires fulfilled.
59'. The scythe of time separates all truth, but it is the secret fire that makes it evident and matures it.

60. The thousands and thousands of universes that
submerge us are like the millionth part of a drop of divine blood.
The most minute atom contains inconceivable worlds. Thus, the Universe is in God, and God is in the Universe.

60'. It is better to look into oneself and remain silent.
O, germinative light!
O, so heavy fruit of the sun!
O, secret marriage of identical opposites!
O, fruitful splendour of the unique beauty!

61. God, through nature, effortlessly remakes everything
that men think up to destroy with great difficulty.
Thus, God, through nature, subtly teaches the clear-sighted observer.

61'. From "one total", of which there are five, via "one secret", of which there are four, is made "a living one", of which there are three. Male and female in two that engender the "one victor", which is the dot in the circle.

62. The glory of the world makes man sad and vain; it
is a smoke that blinds the most clear-sighted. He who collects it changes his life for the wind.

62'. The glory of God is a cloud that enlightens and gives life to he who attains it.
O benediction!

63. Spirits go up and come down to wash the earth of its stains, so that God can come and live on it once more. 63'. He has left death and fixed himself in the glorious sun.
O redemption!

64. He who puts his trust in God acquires peace of mind
and heart, which renders the tribulations of the world indifferent.

64'. Those who know how to go naked draw from the treasure of God.
O purity!

65. He who stands above praise and reproach has
vanquished the present world, for he already communes with God.
65'. The gentleness of the fire makes the source of the stars spring up.
O germination!

66. It is God alone that supplies protection and
consolation, and everything fails at the moment of death if he is absent from us.
66'. The purity of water carries the breath of life beyond death.
O transfiguration!

67. Those who despise the teachings of the ancient sages
heap madness upon ignorance and provoke the death of everyone.
67'. The path of deliverance is visible everywhere in this world.
O fertilizing rain!

68. The work of the world is illusory and of little
benefit, but time dedicated to the search for God is never lost for anyone.
68'. Faith draws close the marvel of the world.
Patience brings it to light.
Love multiplies its virtue.

69. Detachment from created things is the condition of
God's love.
69'. He who is in God recognizes easily the unity of the Universe.

70. That which appears impossible at the start seems easy
at the end.
That which is hard and dead shall become supple and living once more.
70'. Let us pray to God to allow us to hear, see and savour that which is in him.

71. The lack of knowledge of natural laws sinks man into the
disorder and pain of a useless revolt.
The observance of this universal teaching frees his life from the bonds of death.
71'. Who shall become once more a pupil of nature and a child of God, so that the water of heaven and of earth deliver our life and make us like the holy Mother, and then like the truly holy and truly perfect Son and Father?

72. There is a hidden sense and a clear word. God shall
open up understanding to him who is simple, loving and faithful.
72'. Who shall seize the brightness that ascends to the heaven? And who shall fix the light that descends over the earth?

73. To scold an ignorant scholar is to make
an enemy of him and sink him in his error for ever, for he reasons about everything, he explains mysteries and unveils the Scriptures, but in truth possesses nothing, not even the outer crust of things.
73'. He who clings to the outer layer of things perceives nothing but death.
He who discovers the essence of the Universe attains eternal life.
"The repose of wisdom means emerging from death and never having to enter it again."

74. It is better to act by example without wanting
to convince anyone: thus everyone can become converted without appearing to give in to anyone.
74'. To love creation, to penetrate it and to remain silent: such is the wisdom of the sage, and such is the prudence of the saint.17

75. How can we believe what the saints see in us, when we do
not hear what happens within ourselves?
75'. The central fire currently lives in the heavenly water, under the veil of the foreign land.

76. Let us distance ourselves from madmen, abandon them to
their contradictory agitation. Misfortune shall instruct them for free and calm them for a long time.

76'. It is at the moment of conflict with oneself or with others that it is necessary, above all, to resort to God, for he is the unalterable love and peace.

77. Let us search for him who moves little, who speaks
little and who meditates a lot.
God enlightens him and delivers him for ever.
77'. Those who flaunt holiness do not always possess it within themselves, because in this world what is outside is rarely identical to what is inside.

78. Let us not respond to mockery, to vulgarity nor to insult.
Let us pity in our hearts him who shows himself inferior to love.

78'. Let us place our enemies in the hands of God, so that he may instruct them like he does us, through wretchedness, mourning, sickness, old age, abandonment and death.

79. The wisest reply can provoke the greatest fury, and the best teaching can engender the worst madness.
79'. Let us devote our thoughts and our actions to God, so that they do not cause harm to anyone.

80. God lives and waits in each one of us.
It is enough to die to the world and to oneself to hear him and to see him at once.
80'. Fire and water shall deliver the Universe from the gloom of death and shall glorify it until the living jewel of the first and final unity.

81. Death separates that which is bad and brings together all that is good, but it requires the aid of heavenly life. 81'. When the body is vanquished, the spirit appears pure and free, and the holy soul unites them in God for ever.

82. Some unknown sages possess the holy and mysterious land of God.
82'. No-one listens to them, and now they barely speak any more.

83. He who sees and loves God through all the appearances of the world is the only one who is not astonished and does not suffer when everything vanishes.
83'. The moon and the sun shall re-emerge from the sea at the end of the long night, and I shall praise the secret of my Lord in the eternity of his magnificent gift.

84. The man who helps nature gives rise to life.
When he tortures it, he engenders death.
84'. The end shall see the pure fire transform the water of the world into its proper nature.

85. He who admits his ignorance, his impotence and his faults has no competitor to fear, and God can speak to him without hindrance.
85'. He who starts out from what it is, arrives quickly at what it shall be.
And he who accepts all with love, soon recognizes the miraculous aid of the Lord's hidden Providence.

86. Each persecution that the world inflicts on the sage brings him closer to God, and distances him from death.
86'. Each wickedness enlarges the clothing of death of he who thinks it or commits it.

87. It is humility that leads to awareness of our ignorance and of our impotence as men who have strayed.
It is pride that leads to belief in our science and in our power of fallen gods.
87'. The weakness of water moves in heaven.
The strength of fire remains in the earth.
From the two reunited comes the perfect Being.

88. It is risky to look for the science for oneself, but it is even more dangerous to instruct men in that which they do not wish to hear.
88'. It is risky to look for the science for oneself, but it is even more dangerous to instruct men in that which they do not wish to hear.

89. Nothing can be said clearly without provoking incredulity, greed, hate, or death.
89'. The one who knows conserves obviously and secretly the key to heaven and earth.

90. Creation is like the updating of the imaginative power of God, who, through an extension of himself, manifests life up to the limits of death.
90'. The body-spirit has neither a beginning nor an end. When it divides into two, universes are born in love; it is the time of movement. When it comes together, worlds disappear in knowledge; it is the time of repose.

91. Nature teaches the secret of beings and things; few men are able to understand what they see.
91'. Time shall make the stones explode up to heaven, and it shall return them to the holy earth.

92. There is only one God, one truth, one teaching; but the confusion of words and the subtlety of thoughts mask the evidence of the eternal and moving life.
92'. Water rises from the abyss of death and descends from the heaven of life by the power of love that unites all purity in God.
93. The spirit of truth is a gift from God; the study of natural laws and the meditation of holy books develop it until the incomprehensible becomes understandable.

93'. To instruct those that seek nothing is to disturb the order of the world, and to read this without meditating on it is to sow and not to water.
94. The sage who has given himself to God feels no hardship in lending himself to men.

94'. If we do not find the God who lives hidden within us, we shall never know he who remains free in the centre of the Universe.
95. He cultivates the fecund land and abandons those that are cunning to their proud ignorance.
95'. He who tries to convince no-one fears no dispute.
96. Let us keep in our hearts the memory of those who have taught us to love God.
Let us evoke them with the Father.
Let us bless them with the Living One.
Let us pray to God that he fills them with his love in the eternity of the great alternating breath.
96'. Our life is eternally made pregnant by God.
Who shall make him appear before the term of death and resurrection of the great world?
"Nature shall deliver nature, and the mysterious child shall be born of the unique Mother."18
97. The saint lives on earth as if in prison.
The hour of death marks the end of his exile.
97'. He who smiles at the desolation of misfortune soon sees the light of God appear.
98. Each one of us forges a false image of the world and vainly struggles to make it coincide with the true one.
"Education is appropriate for everyone, but instruction is only profitable for some and revelation is useful for only one."

98'. God has manifested nature and created man.
Man gives birth to nature.
Nature gives birth to man.
Thus, nature and man reproduce God.

  The truth comes from God. Man is free to
believe or to persist in incredulity.


  It is God who reveals profound and hidden things, who knows what is in the darkness, and the light remains with him.


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