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Title page for The Message Rediscovered, 1956

This section tries to be an introduction to the most important Cattiaux's work, The Message Rediscovered. So, we present the first five Books or chapters from this work and some forewords and introductory writings about The Message Rediscovered, a book that contains, as his author said, "a tightly initiation and mystique presented in a concentrated form that demands more than a straightforward reading, the words being transcended by the revelation, and the work presenting itself as liquid air that has acquired other extraordinary properties, but which are invisible at first sight" The verses are arranged in two columns, for there are two men in us, the carnal man and the spiritual one, the left column generally giving the earthly meanings: moral, philosophical and ascetic; the right column giving the heavenly meanings: cosmologic, mystical and initiatory. Sometimes these verses are completed with a third one placed in the middle of the page, bringing together the two others in the alchemic meaning that unites heaven and earth, relating to the mystery of God, of creation and of man.


Louis Cattiaux

1 VOLUME Format: 6 x 8.46 inches Pages: 448

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The Message Rediscovered :: Book 3

I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.


O Father! You are in my heart, and no-one can know you if not I, your son.



1. Prayer is the most accomplished means of developing the will in God. 1'. The water that springs from the holy earth falls as golden rain on the darkened world.

2. Mastering others is an easy illusion.
Mastering oneself is a harsh reality.
2'. The study of the intermediate world gives knowledge of the great Universe.

3. Who is great enough to remain hidden?
Who is well-known enough to remain anonymous?
Who is generous enough to possess everything?
Who is powerful enough to demand nothing?

3'. Everyone sees the ancestor, some recognize him, only one awakens him and delivers the world from sin.
"Give us10 your secret NAME, o Lord! - if you judge our hearts pure enough so as not to die if you do so."

4. Has all the science of men ever made one of their hairs grow back? Erased a wrinkle? Given back youth? Has it saved them from death, as does the love of the Unique for his secret friends? 4'. Liquefy the earth and make the water concentrated, then marry the earth with the water and enjoy the peace of the Lord in the stone sanctified by the union.

5. Dispersion and agitation engender the sad madness of the world. 5'. Love shall take possession of the virtue of the sun and multiply it until the rest of the ultimate Lord.

6. Let us remain silent and solitary, let us attentively scrutinize nature in motion, let us pray to God with love and excess, thus we will easily reach the light which gives birth to the Universe.
6'. Heavenly weddings make the brightness of the stars burst forth.
Earthly weddings manifest the weight and the virtue of luminous gold.

7. When a saint cures a sick man, he then teaches him to help others. In this way, he cures him twice over. 7'. From Saturn to the moon and to the sun there is only one way, which is the patient purification of the rough body until the union of the clear spirit with the perfect soul.

8. How shall we grasp the mystery of hidden things if we do not understand the evidence of those that blind us? 8'. The external star combines with the internal sun to engender the unique brightness.
"O secret beauty!"

9. A chicken emerges from a hatched egg, but no-one notices it. 9'. The light of the stars shines in the sky and in the interior of the earth.

10. By becoming accustomed to the death of the spirit the miracles of God and nature are hidden from us.
10'. It is that which frees the fountain of life where the germ of the sky and of the earth lies dormant.

11. It is superfluous to attack the science of men since it destroys itself. 11'. All that is accomplished outside of the natural laws is dead and engenders death.

12. We can only rid ourselves of a wicked man by trying to straighten him out.
Time and misfortune do so easily, and separate in him that which is good from that which is bad.
12'. The true nature of man is the heavenly light covered by the shadow of death.
"The man who searches for ideals is a dangerous madman. The man who searches for transcendental reality is a beneficial sage."

13. By dint of idiotic intransigence and rigour, upright men are kept apart from holy things. 13'. He who remains poor in God can possess the world without danger of death.

14. The simplicity and the laziness of crowds make an idol of the living god and make fear of a religion.
14'. The life of the sun is visible in the sky and perceptible under the earth's crust.

15. Arguing with an ignorant person means becoming weaker than him. 15'. Corruption shows up all purity.

16. The sage reposes in the fullness of the unique light.
The madman is agitated in the emptiness of multiple darkness.
16'. We see into God in a fleeting breath, but he considers us for all eternity.

17. Truth is hidden under the veil of fables and parables. A very upright and penetrating spirit is required to discover it, just as a very practised eye is needed to recognize the diamond under the casing that protects it.
17'. The misteries of God are contained in the centre of the Universe and in the heart of man.
Who shall hollow out the abyss? Who shall manifest the life of the earth? And who shall consolidate the heaven's dew?

18. Divine philosophers, saints, artists, poets and children often think and act in God.
18'. Self-oblivion magnifies man to the limitless origin with which the Unknown is endowed.

19. However, when the first ones speak everyone should listen humbly and be silent. 19'. Knowledge makes man repose in the immutable centre that supports the moving sea of the world.

20. Coarse men are never surprised before God's astonishing creation.
They see nothing, admire nothing, love nothing, understand nothing and find nothing.
20'. Senses deprived of the spirit crawl miserably over the earth's crust; but the spirit without senses penetrates as far as the inmost depths of heaven and earth. However, it is love that makes us repose in the unique brightness.

21. The power of true philosophy is to consider what is, and not what one believes to be
21'. The light of wood presages the God within man, and the fruit of our earth makes us heirs to the magnificent Father.

22. Few men are capable of acting in God in wakefulness, in a dream and in death.

22'. Those who are dead to holy water are doubly deprived of the heavenly fire.

23. The functions of a superior man are perfect and complete, and it is in this that he draws closer to God.
23'. It is not enough to reach the light for a few moments; one must be able to maintain oneself there for all eternity.

24. The tiniest part of the Universe is an image of the all and is self-sufficient.
24'. The heart of heaven and earth is like an egg hidden in the sea of the world.

25. Birth and death, action and repose, light and darkness, union and separation, they all come from the movement of the four that make the changes in the world.
25'. The imagination of the Lord lives under the earth and flies in the sky to animate the worlds. Who will seize it in his hands? And who will fix it in his heart?

26. God's repose establishes itself in purity when the elements are united in perfect equilibrium.
26'. The joy and astonishment of he who discovers himself in God are endless.

27. One does not kill the dead in order to instruct them nor to save them,11 first they are baptised with fire and with water, then they are entrusted to earth and heaven.
27'. The patience of grace delivers us from the most sombre prisons.
The sweetness of love makes our hidden life bloom.

28. The world is plural but man is singular. 28'. Great knowledge dwells deep down in us.

29. The truth never loses men, it is they who forsake it. 29'. In the darkness, the light is one with God from the beginning.

30. The wise man asks for nothing from those who believe they have everything and who are afraid of losing everything.
30'. He who knows the outcome of all things is a sage among sages, a god among gods and a madman in the midst of vulgar men.

31. Those who, when reduced to bread and water, are still joyful, put an end to the world more easily than the world puts an end to them. 31'. The madness of death in the world can only be vanquished by practising the wisdom of life in God.

32. Hatred is the extreme point of weakness in separation, just as love is the culminating
point of power in the union.
32'. The hardness and dryness of the earth for death.
The suppleness and humidity of water for life.
The battle between the two makes the glory of the all appear.

33. Men sigh for the stars without knowing that the sun rolls under their feet and sometimes reposes in their blind man's hands.
"The uncut stone will become prayer and the prayer will become precious stone."

33'. Everyone sees the sky exposed.
Some use the influence of the stars.
A handful grasp the moonlight.
But only one embodies the life of the truly perfect sun.

34. Nature teaches the sage, and the sage helps nature so that the fruit comes to life and
becomes perfect.
34'. He who knows how to unite opposites of the same nature possesses the science.

35. 35. A simple shepherd can be more educated than a hundred thousand scholars assembled in the world, and a wretched idiot can show the sage the light of the Perfect.
35'. He who possesses the salt of the earth seasons the world to his taste, sprinkling it on all evil until he makes it disappear as a testimonial to the glorious virtue of God.

36. God is present just as long as we are here. 36'. Perfection that is accomplished in secret causes no hindrance.

37. That which appears absurd and unbelievable is often a barrier that is meant to stop men full of pride and malevolence.
37'. On raising earth to heaven and on lowering the fire to the tomb, we shall obtain the glory of God through the middle water and air.

38. He who knows all is like he who knows nothing.
However, one rests and the other is restless, one knows himself, the other is known, one creates, the other is created.
38'. The two are in one, but only one knows himself both inside and outside, and subsists in the gratuitousness of the perpetual gift.

39. The angel and the demon are incomprehensible to us but human nature enlightens us

39'. "The purified man engenders the perfect world."
Let us avoid the wicked and their works, for everything in them is impious and leads to death.

40. The way of wisdom, of holiness, and of genius is internal solitude where the star of
our divine birth is incubated.
40'. He who sows and harvests the light of the sun possesses the highest virtue and the greatest treasure in the total world.

41. Each piece of earth brings to light what God has enclosed in it from the beginning and nothing more. 41'. The truth first appears raw, then must be cooked so as to be offered to men.

42. It is just as vain to want to do without everything as it is to try to possess everything
in this world.
42'. The well-instructed man asks all of God, but imagines no means, so as not to hinder the gift of heaven.

43. He who knows all disputes nothing.
He who has all refuses nothing.
He who can do all boasts of nothing.
He who has love despises nothing.
43'. The all-powerful sun awakens life even in dead earth and makes it germinate as far as the heaven of resurrection, but it is the mother water that makes the seed of pure gold bear fruit.

44. We are often at fault when we consider others guilty. Great lucidity and great loyalty are required to discover that.
44'. The sage sees the fault and the virtue of all things, but he is too occupied with rejecting one and glorifying the other to talk about it.

45. It is a hundred thousand times better to be the last before God than the first among men.
45'. The intelligent man eliminates the envious by proclaiming his incompetence before everyone.

46. The wisdom of God far surpasses our short sight and our weak intelligence. 46'. It is the prayer that springs from the entire being that breaks the barriers of the body and makes us one with God.

47. The first power, supreme principle, creator and pivot of the world, is like God resting in life in the midst of death.
47'. The beginning of beginnings, the mystery of mysteries, the protecting veil of eternity.

48. The Universe is the framework of man, and man is the framework of God.
48'. The centre of the centre is like the fire in the middle of the great water.

49. The easiest and yet the most difficult thing in the world is knowing who we are.
49'. That which liberates us from all darkness.
That which makes perfect all purity.

50. When the world rejects us it is because God attracts us, but how many respond to love with love?
50'. He who is worthy of receiving instruction designates himself before God by the force of his desire and the power of his love.

51. No word should be accepted without a rigorous and lengthy examination, in order to separate the true from the false.
51'. The outcome of science is the experimentation of God in the holy Mother.

52. In God's work, movement and time are the judges that make the truth appear. 52'. Concentrated, it becomes diluted;
diluted, it becomes concentrated.

53. He who does not increase the work necessary to his life is a wise and free man. 53'. For one saint that reaches God, millions of dead people fall into the mass grave.

54. When we believe we have lost or acquired something here below, let us offer it up to God. Thus, we shall always be happy in everything. 54'. He who longs for the Universe does not concern himself with the shadow of the world.

55. God dreams the creations for his knowledge and for his joy.
55'. The bird that comes out of the rock returns to the stone.

56. The sage is alone with God, as God is alone with himself.
56'. The light dilates out to the imponderable ether, and concentrates into the fixed and heavy sun.

57. The mysteries of God should only be proposed to holy men. It is a crime to speak of them to those that remain voluntarily in filthy death. 57'. The cloud that flies above the mountains nests in the caverns of the earth, where it incubates the unique brightness.

58. The Universe and the atom form the unique body of God. Who shall cook it on the gentle fire of love?
58'. The sage shines on the inside and appears dark on the outside.
He resembles the origin of the world that reposes ignored by all.

59. To apply our will exclusively to finding God in ourselves is to cut short to the maximum our time in exile.
"Let us strive to do nothing, so that God may speak to us and his angels serve us unhindered."
59'. The cold and the dry appear outside.
The hot and the dry manifest themselves inside.
The moist binds heaven and earth.

60. Night contains day. Death covers life. Hardness receives softness. Thus God manifests life and life manifests God.
60'. On placing the inside on the outside, we shall make the invisible appear in the visible, and the light of God shall illuminate men's earth.

61. The ignorant one always speaks about what he does not know.
- The educated man sometimes discusses what he knows.
- The sage listens and is silent.

61'. There is no difference between the two faces of God except that between stone and stone, but one is dark and the other shines magnificently.

62. The most perfect joy is to adore God.
The highest science is to imitate his work.
The greatest treasure is to discover it and conserve it in oneself.
62'. If you want to know the beginning, study the end, and if you want to reach the end, take the beginning.
"To disunite is not to scatter. To reunite is not to add."

63. Inexpressible love accepts nothing else but itself. 63'. The water that comes out of the earth returns to the living sea of the great world.

64. Rest contains movement.
Movement engenders change.
Change purges creation.
64'. Purified creation manifests God in singular trinity and in triple unity.
"To consume is not to kill; to cook is not to destroy."12

65. He who has found God forces no-one to believe.
The completeness of love and knowledge is enough for him.
65'. All that is true within is equally valid without, for the two make nothing more than one in three.

66. He who knows and can is like he who is. 66'. The central fire matures the heavenly light.

67. Shame is the only punishment of he who recognizes his ignorance.
God is truly great and generous.
67'. There is nothing in the Universe that is not also in man.
The great world can thus deliver the small one, and the small one can also assemble the great one.

68. When a people despises, mistreats or kills its sages, its saints, its children, its poets and its artists, the nation is close to its end.
68'. The hatred that the mediocre feel for knowledge, love, life, greatness and beauty knows no bounds.

69. On presenting oneself to others as ignorant and incapable, one easily obtains the peace necessary for the quest for God.
69'. The reality best experienced by the saint appears precisely absurd to the great majority.

70. He who does good does not worry about the bad that is done around him.
70'. Instinctive life mastered, canalised and sublimated at its source leads to holiness.

71. He who instructs the multitudes is rejected by everyone, then attracts everyone; such is God's justice.
"The sophists amuse us for a while, but in the end they leave our hearts and hands empty."
71'. God, who is life and fire, manifests the Holy Spirit through death and through the resurrection of his Son.
"Among all of these intelligent ones who describe to us the world in which we are prisoners, who is the one that leaves it and frees us from it?"

72. The saint is alone with God in the midst of vulgar men, just as mercury and gold are united amidst the wastes of the earth. 72'. Acceptance and detachment cure all forms of madness, for they lead to self-oblivion, which is the wisdom of God.

73. There exist spirits made to meet and commune among themselves; their number varies little across the ages.
73'. The combinations of perpetual becoming are infinite. God alone remains unchanged in his garment of life.

74. External signs of merit are the proof of the impotence and the fair compensation offered to the mediocre.
74'. He who seeks God in thought and in action should move aside the appearances of death, which are opposed to the return of the heavenly gold.

75. Mediocrity ensures against excessive pains and joys.
75'. Useless precaution and intermediate death.

76. Saints are not loved by the world because they demand too much of vulgar people.
Thus, the more marvels they see, the more senseless they become.

76'. A second of intuition reveals what a thousand years of work does not allow us to glimpse.

77. When a good teaching is given to mediocre men, they render it more harmful than ignorance itself.

77'. Water is universal, seeds are particular.
One dissolves, the others consolidate, but only one thing contains God in secret.

78. All that is public becomes debased and is lost.
All that remains secret retains its virtue and its price.

78'. Sublime virgin clothed in terror.
Living food of the world.
Nurse of the sun.
Holy Mother of men.

79. Imbecility is a brake applied to evil-doing, for it prevents systematic choice of what is bad for others and for oneself.
79'. Nature unveils itself before simple and patient men, but no coercion whatsoever could force it
to reveal itself naked before idiots and the proud.

80. The limitation of desires and the acceptance of change engender the necessary detachment, freedom and rest in the search for the Perfect.
80'. He who wishes to enter God must become like God, that is to say, most pure and most
perfect, like heavenly water and fire.

81. Without the will to cure no cure is possible; therefore, one must interrogate all those that are ill before beginning anything.
81'. The prudence of the sage consists of instructing those who ask him to do so, and of
forcing no-one to believe or to know.

82. Woman disintegrates man until the water of the air.
Man consolidates woman until the fire of the earth.
From these two springs the infinity of the perfect creation that manifests the glory of the Unique on the earth of the living.
82'. The liquefaction and the vegetation of the earth are the first mystery.
The solidification and the animation of water form the second mystery.
The alliance of the first water and the second earth constitute the third mystery.

83. One must make sure that each one is judged by his acts and by his thoughts; this is the true judgement of God, to which no-one can refute without condemning himself further
83'. If our luck seems too bad, let us entrust it to God, who shall make it become
excellent, for the Sage knows how to liberate and mature our light buried in death.

84. The innate gift, which comes from the past, determines the present state, which in turn prepares the gift to come.
84'. There is no injustice in the state one finds oneself in, consequently silence and acceptance suit everybody equally.

85. It is easier to bring a great work down to one's own level than to raise oneself up to it, but it is indispensable in order to grow and mature after germination.
85'. On the boundaries where the water rises and falls, and there where the light of the stars and the central fire join, life takes form: under the earth, on the earth, in the water and in the air.

86. To know is to understand that the smallest thing created by God is worth more than all human works put together.
86'. When we are prepared to follow death without turning back, we shall be able to play with the world without fear of dying.

87. The only useful goal here below is to reach God; everything else is like a dream, like dust and like death
87'. Live, love, desire, suffer, experience, know, choose, come to rest, this is the destiny of man.

88. The patient and resolute projection of the will towards a chosen goal is the secret of the fulfillment of desire.
88'. Inspired prayer constitutes the means, and God is the goal.
"Sharpened senses, relaxed muscles, legs folded, closed mouth, short breath, purified blood, emptied head, calm heart."

89. The sage does not condemn the madness of men, for he remembers having come out of it only shortly before.
89'. In the best men something bad remains, and in the worst a spark of light subsists.

90. Happiness is to adore God in peace and make use of the world as in dreams.

90'. We shall see the world without illusion when we have found God.

91. To erase misfortune and to forgive offences is not to forget them, it is only to master them, so as not to fall into the rut of hate.
91'. Let us preserve the life around us, thus we shall increase that which subsists within us.

92. If the truth delights and enlightens the wise man, it wounds and leads astray the ignorant one; that is why it remains concealed in the world.
92'. He who looks for the secret of God shall find life if he remains simple and upright; if
not, madness and death shall scatter him in the abysses.
93. The man who is superior accomplishes everything alone.
The men who are inferior corrupt everything jointly.

93'. Fire and water separate that which is mixed in the world, and concentrate that
which is united by God.
94. The trial confirms the holy and teaches the impious.
"He who accepts is soon liberated from the pressure of misfortune, for he immediately receives the divine remedy."

94'. He who has conquered the world, in the world and by the world, is
declared conqueror before God.
"The first charity is to think of others, the last, to think only of God."
95. If the obedience of those that are inferior must be based on the desire to perfect oneself, the authority of those that are superior must be justified by the will to help and to instruct.
95'. Only wise men know the art of teaching the world through the absurd, but no-one hears them any longer.
"Do what you have to do among men well, but expect nothing from it, and above all, do not believe in it."
96. If the book helps a man to reach God or to approach him, it will not have been written in vain.
96'. Each thing emerges from its chaos and perfects in itself.
97. The light of the world comes out of universal darkness to engender God's day.
97'. It shall be found by few men that are worth many.
98. There are two teachings and several meanings. God will make them evident or conceal them as he wishes.
98'. The radiant virgin and her golden son shall appear13 on the earth of the living.
99. We lose nothing by blessing those who believe they deprive us and coerce us; on the contrary, we shall become richer from their deprivation and more assured of their ultimate defeat or of their unexpected conversion.
99'. All those who preach God speak the same language, but we understand them in different ways.
100. To give form to nature is peculiar to God.
- To destroy appearance is the work of fools, and sometimes, that of sages.
- To imitate natural proceedings is the work of the artist.
- To mock the appearances of the world is the folly of the ignorant man.


The creation,

The science,

The art,

The artifice.

Let us not explain anything to anybody. Let us rather strive to find and manifest the
truth of life that shall teach14 everything to everyone.


101. The greatest among men is he who is able to bring into accord the teaching of nature with that of the holy books to make one single thing.
101'. Trusting the leadership of men to those who have the greatest love
and the greatest knowledge of them is to honour God and serve him usefully.
102. Religions, arts, sciences and laws should not be subjected to mediocre men who degrade everything.
102'. The earth shall once again become like the mud, like life and like gold under the breath of the Most High.
103. If we hear directly the teaching of the Lord, let us abandon ourselves to him and leave the books to those that follow, who grope around in search of him.
103'. All belongs to God, even death, which wisely conceals him.
"Those who say now: 'It is dark', shall exclaim on judgement day: 'It was
blinding and we saw nothing'."
103'' The intelligent explain everything, but they enter the ditch and do not emerge from it. So, what is the use of all their science?

  So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground: and
should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up,
he knoweth not how. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself.

Mark 4, 27 JESUS

  Truth shall spring out of the earth and our land shall yield her increase.

Psalms 85, 11 - 13 DAVID

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