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Title page for The Message Rediscovered, 1956

This section tries to be an introduction to the most important Cattiaux's work, The Message Rediscovered. So, we present the first five Books or chapters from this work and some forewords and introductory writings about The Message Rediscovered, a book that contains, as his author said, "a tightly initiation and mystique presented in a concentrated form that demands more than a straightforward reading, the words being transcended by the revelation, and the work presenting itself as liquid air that has acquired other extraordinary properties, but which are invisible at first sight" The verses are arranged in two columns, for there are two men in us, the carnal man and the spiritual one, the left column generally giving the earthly meanings: moral, philosophical and ascetic; the right column giving the heavenly meanings: cosmologic, mystical and initiatory. Sometimes these verses are completed with a third one placed in the middle of the page, bringing together the two others in the alchemic meaning that unites heaven and earth, relating to the mystery of God, of creation and of man.


Louis Cattiaux

1 VOLUME Format: 6 x 8.46 inches Pages: 448

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The Message Rediscovered :: Book 2

It is hard to leave the familiar and present ways to return to the ancient ones, for appearances are delicious and the invisible is unbelievable.


Woe betide you hypocritical scribes and Pharisees, for you roam the sea and the earth to make a proselyte, and when he has become one you make of him twice as much a son of Gehenna as yourselves!



1. New men always cause scandal. 1'. The rude awakening makes everything frightening.

2. To instruct vulgar men in the secrets of God is to arouse delirious desire and pride, to engender disorder and misfortune for ever. 2'. Divine jewels only adorn pure men and only clean women.
"Those that are the most resplendent in God often appear the most obscure in the world."

3. There is work that binds in death, it is that of the world.
There is other work that unbinds from death, it is that of God.
3'. Men make death appear by means of fire.
Nature makes life appear by means of water.

4. The first is accomplished with difficulty and only produces sadness and death.
The second is easily performed and engenders joy and eternal life.
4'. The upright and simple spirit penetrates easily to the centre of the earth where the living gold reposes.
"It is the absolute poverty of total emptiness that we must attain in order to be precisely filled with God."

5. One must be intelligent and instructed by God to recognize the evidence of creation. 5'. Men's malice leads them astray, and pride seals them in the mud.

6. The science of men is a dunghill covered in tinsel.
The science of God is gold covered in mud.
6'. The earth's crust leads the most subtle observers astray, but the interior sea enlightens the simple and believing man.

7. The characteristic of truth is that it is self-sufficient; he who possesses it tries to convince no-one. 7'. He who is satiated does not fight with dogs over the rubbish on the path whose beginning and end he knows.

8. Do not blame the tool it you are a bad workman, and do not rail against the crime if you surrender your life to death. 8'. The great battle eliminates dead filth and makes the moving light of God appear.

9. A single man may be right against a thousand, and a saint may speak the truth against the entire world. 9'. A heap of mud contains only one grain of pure gold.

10. There is as much merit in being silent on finding as there is in searching on knowing nothing. 10'. God opens the eyes of his children and closes the mouth of his friends.

11. Simplicity and love that have become alien to men make the clearest word the most neglected. 11'. What is more despised than the clothing of God?
What is more unknown than the light of the sun?

12. Let us reduce by our example the mediocrity and hesitancy of those with lukewarm hearts. 12'. 12. Do what one does not preach and only preach what one has done.

13. Death's sting is there to force men into searching for the purpose of everything and of themselves. 13'. Few men meditate on the changes of the world as far as the secret centre of enlightening nature.5

14. Work that increases needs is vain.
That which decreases them is sacred.
The world practises the former.
The sages help the latter.
14'. God makes the fruits of the earth spring up by means of water and fire united in one.
"O miracle of resurrection!"

15. When they are offered pure water they reply: "Give us back the poison we are used to." 15'. To forget one's wretchedness for an instant is to find it again increased for all eternity.

16. How many people reflect on God's general work?
How many people are taught by the renewal of all things?
How many people accomplish the particular work of the Lord?
16'. The great work that causes fear, that which liberates from the shadow of death, that which levels the mountains, that which makes the earth germinate, that which makes life shine and fixes it in the glorious Lord.

17. There is no-one above he who knows God, except God himself. 17'. He swims in the great water, the Living One of eternity, the Unique.

18. He who is not stunned and full of admiration before the mystery of man and before the miracles of nature will never discover God.
18'. New and innocent eyes see God in his first nakedness and clothed in final splendour.

19. The ignorant speak a lot and observe nothing.
The sage is silent and examines everything to discover the Unique.
19'. Knowledge of God is the only reality that saves one from death.

20. The ignorant person claims to instruct those who do not ask for anything.
The scholar is silent and waits to be asked.
20'. God is lavish with everything that is precious.
The world hoards everything that is worthless.

21. Honoured or despised, the sage remains true to himself. 21'. The gold that lies dormant in the mud is just as pure as that which gleams in the sun.

22. All time not devoted to God is lost time.
All work that does not end in him is useless work.
22'. Those that are lost rebel here, for they prefer the agitation that keeps them in the slothfulness of death.

23. They desperately believe they create with their hands, not understanding that they do not even know how to make hands.
23'. The science of science consists of preparing things and leaving God be.

24. The first duty of both the smallest and the greatest is to acquire
intelligence by praying to God, in order to know of the evidence of creation.
24'. The love of gold means that it is even searched for in the rubbish, however few men are capable of grasping it from the heaven and fixing it on earth.

25. The greatest battle and the greatest victory is to acquire generosity
of the heart towards all beings by discovering God in oneself.
25'. The visible and the invisible sun ripens everything to the golden perfection of the most perfect fruit.

26. All the scholars of the world judge stupidly the work of God, since
they only consider the work and not the worker.
26'. Middle matter provides knowledge of extreme essences.

27. Have they seen how earth produces water?
Do they know by which route water engenders earth?

27'. Fog condenses rain, and darkness broods over light.

28. Will they disclose the proportion in which water softens earth?
And later how earth consolidates water?
28'. The rainbow announces the marriage of heaven and earth.

29. And how everything returns at last to earth by means of fire. 29'. The red fruit capable of saving the world.

30. They remain ignorant, proud and stupid, God mocks them and they
deceive the world.
30'. Sages proclaim their ignorance before God.

31. They flatter themselves to be the masters of the world, but not one
dares to confess his wretchedness.
31'. The son of God overcomes death in three days.

32. Their vain self-complacency does not prevent them from eventually falling heavily and returning yet again to the muddy chaos.6
32'. Limbo is the antechamber of God that must be crossed in order to reach the new-born Father.

33. Their science was born of sinister interpretations of the teaching of the ancient sages.
33'. Complication engenders inextricable madness and death.

34. It changes like the shadow and the wind. 34'. Fire takes on all forms but remains fixed on the inside.

35. The science of God is immutable like the sun and like gold.
"We shall pass through fire and water and God's sun shall set us on fire for ever."
35'. All the sages profess the same teaching.
Water in the earth and God in man.

36. One part cannot judge the totality of the Being, and he who is on the periphery does not have the same vision as he who is at the centre. 36'. Fire is only visible in the middle of the sky. It lies hidden in the centre of the earth and in middle water.

37. Now it falls to man to take the first step towards God, since he has
also taken the first step towards the shadow.
37'. The freedom given to man permits him all forms of madness and complete wisdom.
The curiosity that made him lose himself may also save him.

38. Immediately, like a magnet, God shall make man travel double the distance. 38'. Light descends on the earth and returns to heaven to reunite in God the dust of humanity scattered in the abysses.

39. There is no true strength and authentic weakness but that of the heart.
All the secrets of the world are contained in it.
39'. The water in grain and the fire in water is like the water of stone and the stone of water.

40. All the secrets of the world are contained in it. 40'. Few disciples know how to profit from the lesson of wise men and discover God's natural gift.

41. Imagination is the tool that discovers God.
Patience is that which makes him evident.
41'. Water dissolves all manner of things, but fire coagulates only one.

42. It is in the midst of corruption that truth appears clearly.
42'. The holy Mother shines amid the darkness of the world.

43. The creation of the Universe is accomplished in accepted and self-sufficient solitude. 43'. Nothing is added to virgin water except the fire to mature it.

44. When the symbol is a reality it is impossible to discover it without the help of God. 44'. The evidence of the mystery blinds the most scholarly.

45. The blindness and pride of men have become such that they transform everything good into evil in the name of science and progress. 45'. That which is cooked to excess only contains death and only engenders death.

46. True success is accomplished for the profit of everyone and at the expense of no-one. 46'. God gratifies his children, without depriving anyone of anything.

47. When churches and states lean on the strength of the world they submit to death, because the power of God abandons them. 47'. Those that possess true spiritual power control effortlessly temporal power; however, coercion and violence still remain alien to them.

48. We would rather you did not concern yourselves with accusing he who scolds you, but rather to be upset with yourself at preaching the truth and not observing it.
48'. On rousing saints rather than scholars we will finally deserve a sage.

49. Those that reject the young girl and the child condemn themselves gratuitously to death.
49'. They are abandoned along the way and covered with rubbish.

50. God does not wait for their approval to bring to light what it has pleased him to create. 50'. Holy water flows up to heaven and sinks into the earth in order to move everything.

51. The sage takes in the mother and gives her shelter until the child appears into the world. 51'. Only he who has acquired the knowledge of God in the three states of creation can be called: delivered for ever.

52. God mocks the sciences, laws and morals of men. 52'. Men pass on, but the doctrine of the Spirit remains eternally.

53. All events, good or bad, are useful to him who uses them for his instruction. 53'. The whole world helps the man who looks for God, but rare is he who understands and who accepts the mysterious lesson.

54. Even the holy books, what are they compared to the mystery of life that subsists in the sun and in the earth? Nevertheless, they contain the key that opens and closes the source of the abyss and the seal that covers the germ of the Lord of the worlds.
54'. He who understands praises the Lord in his heart.
He who thinks he hears and he who grasps nothing must pray and remain silent.

55. The truth is self-sufficient.
Everything that is added to it obscures it.
55'. It is in common places that the evidence of the mystery appears.

56. God opens the eyes of whom it pleases him to do so, without the aid of any scholar. 56'. The Spirit works before everyone. Few see it. Only one grasps it and fixes it.

57. The sciences professed by men require subtlety and great effort in order to be partially mastered.
The science God teaches demands simplicity and patience in order to be known in its entirety.
57'. Knowledge of the tree is not as important as that of the fruit, and this is less useful than the knowledge of the nut stone. In the end it is the almond we must know in its purity and it is the germ that we must manifest in its perfection.

58. The injustice that crushes us is there to remind us that God awaits us with his justice.
58'. Death expels death and makes hidden life appear.

59. He who is truly devoted to God bears no special mark that signals him out to be revered by the multitude.
He is naked and poor in the world.
59'. The pure earth separated from its death.
The white moon come out of its shade.
The red sun washed of its blemishes.

60. Ignorant men despise the earth and the heaven that gave birth to them and that nourish them.
Wise men strive to unite that which is low with that which is high to form one single thing.
60'. Water comes out of earth and returns to earth until the white flower blooms and until the purple fruit ripens.

61. There is no new truth. There are only new forms and expressions of eternal life that is well-hidden and yet evident.
61'. He who embodies me, says the heavenly man, knows the holy way of God's ancient sages.

62. One must be very well instructed and extremely powerful to become once again simple and humble as a little child. 62'. God: the madman we love, the sage who terrifies us.

63. God allows for temptation so that we are judged fairly by ourselves.
Such is the justice that any disagreement increases our sentence.
63'. He who is in God commands the very stars, for he possesses the pure body and spirit united in the perfect soul.

64. The sign of lie is change, that of truth, immutability.
64'. Fire shall judge the rotten world, but God's living shall emerge safe and sound from the terrifying trial. They alone!

65. The greatest joy man can experience is the perfect manifestation of his strength in God. 65'. The fixed and perfect sun issued from the pure and living light that it engenders in the beginning.

66. God, who is the perfection of science and love, only offers and accepts perfect science and love. 66'. The treasure buried in the earth.
The great concentrate of the Universe.

67. Reflection must necessarily precede all experimentation in order to reach true knowledge. 67'. The end of doubt:
The experience of God through the knowledge of nature and of man.

68. Liberty is knowing all and remaining silent,
having all and possessing nothing,
being capable of all and reposing.7
68'. The quintessence of heaven and of earth, which produces the sun and which receives it in marriage.

69. The natural and the supernatural are so intimately mixed together that God alone can separate them and reunite them. 69'. By shuffling the earthly REA we shall discover the heavenly AER that makes the divine ERA.

70. He who works more than is required by nature's needs weds hell and death.
70'. Nature produces everything through water and through fire.
The sage perfects the world in the same manner.

71. The search for the science of God is the only work that does without any human approval.
Such is the fulfilment of those who achieve it that they are in a state of giving all, while the world can no longer offer them anything else.
71'. The universal mother existing through God who moulds her according to his will.
She makes heaven fertile.
She is made fertile by God.
She is the fertile one of the earth.
"Truth is a curse for those who approach it and yet do not receive it."

72. When the best men seem lost for the world they are won over for God, who possesses all. 72'. The reunion of the four elements forms the fifth essence, root of the moon and of the sun.

73. The master can free repentant prisoners, but he does not deliver voluntary slaves from death.
73'. Under the Beast, the secret God, and in the mud, the hidden pearl.

74. God created the world that perpetuates itself in itself.
This is where the unique teaching can be found.
74'. The body-spirit easily accomplishes everything, for it is already in everything from the beginning.

75. Men prefer their own systems that collapse, their inventions
that kill and their work that enslaves.
75'. The composite world, deceiver and deceived.
The wheel that does not rest.

76. God mocks the scholars of the world because they consider him
alien to his own work.
Thus, the more marvels they see, the more senseless they become.
76'. The extreme humiliation of death is the compulsory entry to the splendour of heavenly life, for earthly separation is the beginning of heaven manifested.

77. God is all-powerful.
He renews everything without effort.

77'. The beginning in the earth.
The middle in the water of heaven.
The end in the sun.

78. All can be understood with his inspiration.
All can be examined with his help.
All can be purified with his science.
All can be perfected with his art.
He possesses all names and has none.
78'. Earth produces water and is nourished by water.
Water engenders air and is enlivened by air.
Air becomes fire and is fed by fire.
Fire turns to earth and comes out of the earth.

79. Nothing is ever lacking for he who leans on God.
79'. The camphor of gold in which all the virtue of earth and heaven resides.

80. He who has obtained the friendship of God is neither happy nor sad.
He resides in the peace of the Perfect and helps men reconciled in the loving Mother.

80'. The mad and holy poet who hears God and translates him.
He blazes while lighting up the world and speaks of life to the rocks of the earth until he awakens them from their solitary death. His joy and his sorrow are incommunicable.

81. The greatest will is the greatest patience.
The greatest patience is the greatest acceptance.
The greatest acceptance is the greatest wisdom.
The greatest wisdom is the will and the way of God.

81'. A thousand names and a thousand faces on the unique purity contained in our heart.
"O universal light of worlds!"
"O most secret fire of the Unique!"
"O most holy perfection of the union!"

82. By confronting the doctrines of all the holy books, the truth of the Unique can be discovered.
82'. The Father in the centre.
The Son on the periphery.
The Holy Spirit between two.
All of them in One always.

83. Let us study the triple ancient mysteries.
Let us revere the sacred doctrines and fables.
Let us search for the good that subsists in the evil.
Let us meditate on the works of the prophets and those of the saintly philosophers.
Let us understand that there is but one God, one science, and one creation everywhere and always.
83'. All moisture shall be expelled from the earth, and fire shall consume the vile filth until the virginal salt appears, to which will be given back the heavenly water in order to form God's new world.
"Who shall make us hear this word from the beginning and from the end of time? Who shall show us the denuded germ of the Lord's perfect creation?"

84. Happy is he who keeps silent until the moment of knowledge, for his ignorance will not turn against him to overwhelm him on the day of the separation.
84'. When one looks for God, one has no time for the world, just as when one runs after the world one cannot rest in the Unique.

85. He who is discouraged at the first or at the thousandth attempt
is not worthy of possessing God's gift.
85'. The water of the earth and the earth of the water, that is the mystery of the Lord embodied in the blood and in the flesh of the world.

86. The only way that leads to the possession of God is the knowledge of nature and of man.
86'. The metamorphoses of the world teach the clear-sighted one and bring him back to the universal source of life.

87. The gift demands the commandment, mediocrity resides in
When the rule is violated, societies sink into chaos.
87'. Finally fire dominates water in the hidden creation and transforms all into holy earth.

88. To know the three hereditary foundations of man is to possess science.
The soul that comes from God, the spirit that comes from the stars, the body that comes from the earth.
88'. He who delivers the buried man receives all from the Father by means of the Mother and Son clearly manifested.
"We preach neither the wind, nor smoke, nor ashes; we preach life saved in the risen soul, spirit and body."

89. Quarrels stem from the confusion of spirits, the fury of passions and the imprecision of language.
89'. The earth broods over the luminous eagle. Who shall seize it as it leaves the egg? And who shall rear it until its return to the holy earth

90. The strong man commands without speaking, and is obeyed.
The weak man shouts incessantly and no-one listens to him.

90'. In order to know God in the Universe, listen and look within oneself, that is the direct way.

91. There is no greater curse than to be locked in the pride of the spirit and in the vulgarity of sentiment.
91'. The apparent madness of God's secret excludes the proud, the greedy and the impious.

  We are children of the holy and we expect the life that God should give to those who are always faithful to him.


  Many appear to be outside the Church who are inside; many appear to be inside who are outside.


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