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Title page for The Message Rediscovered, 1956

This section tries to be an introduction to the most important Cattiaux's work, The Message Rediscovered. So, we present the first five Books or chapters from this work and some forewords and introductory writings about The Message Rediscovered, a book that contains, as his author said, "a tightly initiation and mystique presented in a concentrated form that demands more than a straightforward reading, the words being transcended by the revelation, and the work presenting itself as liquid air that has acquired other extraordinary properties, but which are invisible at first sight" The verses are arranged in two columns, for there are two men in us, the carnal man and the spiritual one, the left column generally giving the earthly meanings: moral, philosophical and ascetic; the right column giving the heavenly meanings: cosmologic, mystical and initiatory. Sometimes these verses are completed with a third one placed in the middle of the page, bringing together the two others in the alchemic meaning that unites heaven and earth, relating to the mystery of God, of creation and of man.


Louis Cattiaux

1 VOLUME Format: 6 x 8.46 inches Pages: 448

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The Message Rediscovered :: Book 1

The rain renders life on Earth sterile, image of resurrection


Day of gloom and darkness,Day of clouds and of misty shadows.



1. He who is in the error tries toimpose it on others.
He who possesses the truth does hisbest to apply it to himself.
This is the sign that does not deceive.
1'. Whatever it is that we have decidedto do, let us persevere until the absurdor the light of God delivers us and setsus free in action and at rest.
Truth that separates and unites.
Ones. Two. One and nothing more.

2. Pure men reach God without the aid of clerics or scholars since they are already saints in the Lord, who instructs as he wants, when he wants and where he wants. 2'. The end is like the beginning, but the middle enlightens us. "The Prayer. The Star. The Stone."

3. The man who is superior spares others from the evil he has defeated.
The man who is inferior inflicts on everyone the evil to which he himself has been subjected.
3'. Death separates what life has united, and water delivers the prisoner from his chains.

4. One can harm someone against his will.
One would not be able to do good to anyone against his will.
4'. The loosened stone does not visibly return, yet it shines like the moon in all its brightness.

5. Only he who can bring back to life has the right to kill. 5'. One waters that which should flower again.

6. God recognizes his children in the fulfillment of his work. 6'. He sorts out the seeds and makes the magic fruit appear.

7. There is no collective salvation; this is a belief of the mediocre and the lazy. 7'. He who keeps afloat is named the Living One.

8. He who has nothing to defend has no-one to fight. 8'. The nakedness of the Father.

9. The wise man is alone with God just as God is alone with himself. 9'. All rests in the circle of luminous gold.

10. The dead gather together in order to pray.
The living isolate themselves in order to converse with God.
10'. The cry that is not heard and yet reaches.
The response that springs from the bosom of the abyss.

11. The wise man only teaches men of his stamp. 11'. Fire allies with fire to harden the blood of the earth.

12. The simplest thing to teach is the most difficult to understand. 12'. The nurturing mud lies abandoned on the way.

13. He who is strict with himself is indulgent with others. 13'. The perfection of the sphere engenders a lesser friction.

14. He who is intelligent examines the creation in order to know the creator. 14'. By consuming everything one obtains the smoke and the ashes and sometimes also the light of God.

15. "Mad in the world, wise in God". Such is the motto of the living. 15'. Eating, drinking, working and sleeping is not the life of the believer.

16. The confusion and contradiction of the spirit are the very image of death. "Immobile spectator, attentive and passionless; such is he who is awake". 16'. Too much misfortune and too much happiness lead one to forget oneself for a while.
The divine union engenders it forever.

17. Many have arrived and have never left.They deceive themselves and deceive others. 17'. Clay pots enclose a precious thing, but they do not last very long when the thing abandons them.

18. The madman questions others.
It is said that the wise man questions himself.
Both are close to God, but only one of them knows it.
18'. Who can differentiate fire from fire? Who can manifest, embody the sun in the morning star issued from the tenebrous earth?

19. The wise man veils the truth by making it evident. 19'. That which touches the eye is not seen.

20. To argue with ignorant people it is to stir up the mud so that it becomes clearer. 20'. The earth remains at the bottom. Life goes upwards. Only God can separate them and unite them once more.

21. All the works of the world cannot be compared to the tiniest of God's creatures. 21'. The smallest flower represents the Universe. But only man contains it entirely.

22. Evil and hatred are so closely associated with death that they become unconscious through the weakness and mediocrity of our hearts.
But goodness and love are so well attached to life that they only subsist in the awakened consciousness and in the activity of a loving heart.
22'. We must detach ourselves from created forms but in order to possess creation in its primary substance and in its hidden essence. And the more rest increases, the more attention must grow in order to survive the dissolution of water and the coagulation of fire. "One chooses nothing once one is dead."

23. The science of men is the violation of the natural and divine laws.
It kills everything and resurrects nothing.
23'. A lot of work to do badly, and a lot of work to undo.

24. Intuition associated with goodwill engenders the power of love, which leads to the perfection of union in peace. 24'. Water and fire multiply and make perfect all the visible creation and all the hidden creation of the Lord.

25. It is necessary to patiently observe nature before acting; otherwise, one becomes senseless before God, unbearable to others and eventually hateful to oneself. 25'. The gardener is the most learned of all men, but he does not know it, because he works on darkened seeds and on a soil mixed with death.

26. Clearly true wisdom, ultimate knowledge isolates man from his kind more surely than any crime, any leprosy or any death could do.
The union with God is the true reward of the perfect.
26'. The stone is hidden in the flesh, the almond lies under the wood and the germ rests in the nurturing water.
"Who will separate the light from the darkness? And who will manifest the hidden fire of the Lord?
Who will transform the virginal milk into the bodily consistency of the newborn Son?

27. What kills the weak strengthens the strong.
What sweeps away the impious multiples the believer.
27'. The trial strips bare the truth and makes it shine fully.

28. Dogs bark at what dominates them, or at what escapes them. 28'. The mountain laughs at the wind, but it receives the water and the fire that fecundate it.

29. The essential condition of all cures is the will to heal; one could not save those who have chosen death and who keep themselves there voluntarily. 29'. Water makes everything flower again, and fire matures the new world up to the holy land promised to the wise men.
"O, hidden light!"

30. The smallest atom is like the greatest Universe, and the mass of men like a particle of God. 30'. The sperm is hidden in the body of the earth and in that of the rain.

31. All is within All;
Light within Light.
31'. The germ lies in the sperm.

32. All is within Nothing;
Light within the Shade.
32'. The composite universal.

33. Nothing is within Nothing;
Shade within the Shade.
33'. Death hides heaven and earth.

34. He who despises the teaching of the ancient sages condemns himself to ignorance for ever. 34'. Those that cultivate the land often lack the main heavenly food which is God's blessing.

35. Nature brings forth all light and leads all to its perfection. 35'. The wise man lays the seed and God opens it by means of water and fire.

36. Wise men say to the senseless: You destroy bodies but we save the spirit; we shall all return to the earth but we shall not possess it in the same way. 36'. The world has been made with water and earth. It will become like a mire again before being made like an earth again.

37. It is easier to bring forth fruit by watering stones than to speak of God to the scornful in order to teach them. 37'. God knows the interior of everything. He is Judge through time in eternity.

38. One cannot be a slave to the world and a friend of God. 38'. The flask is cleaned before the heavenly wine is poured in.

39. 39. God through himself produces the Mother, God through the Mother begets the Son, the Son through the Mother multiplies God.
Thus, God has neither a beginning nor an end.
39'. Divine acts are instantaneous and subject to faith.
Natural acts are slow and subject to hope.
Human acts are blind and subject to charity.

40. He who is learned despises neither a religion nor any teachings of the ancient sages. 40'. The earth covers the sublime diamond.

41. Man must pass through mortification and the darkness of death before reaching God. 41'. Fire and water purify the earth, but it is God that makes it alive again.

42. The clear-sighted one praises God for the perfection of his work. 42'. Worms live off fire, but they do not see it.

43. To trust an impious person is like throwing a stone and believing it will not fall. 43'. The rotten plank only enriches the dung.

44. Water that washes and gives life is a truly loosened spirit that comes from heaven and fixes itself in the earth. 44'. Fire that animates and matures is a very pure soul that comes from the sun and unites heaven and earth.

45. True wisdom consists in separating that which is good from that which is bad, and in uniting what is good with what is better. 45'. Water and fire purge mixed creation up to the star of renewal and up to the sun of completion.

46. He who is intelligent compares the words of the wise men meticulously in order to discover the place where they all agree. 46'. One must get in again through where one got out if one wishes to rest in the peace of the Perfect.

47. The venomous and reasoning rage of the ignorant sanctions all holy works. 47'. Nature gives lessons, it does not receive any.

48. 48. Incapable of attaining that which is beyond them, they try to bring everything down to their level.
Unable to tolerate beauty, they strive to soil everything around them.
Powerless to grasp the truth, they attempt to distort everything they cannot see and hear well.
48'. "Death in the mud, the hell of mixture". The mediocre will not always be able to bury the truth of God. The believers will spread it one day2 to the ends of the earth and will make it germinate up to the heavens.

49. Men in revolt are like trapped rats.
In their delirious confusion they rip themselves apart and bite into their own flesh in their blind and desperate rage.
49'. They fight over the excrements and disregard the balm. They transform the stones into smoke, but who will transform the smoke into holy stone?

50. Those that envisage life as the search for the power to annihilate everything around them only reap death. 50'. Truth can only be grasped by the wise man, and can only be cooked by him.

51. The ignorant one is characterized by the desire to convince others, at any cost, of systems that momentarily reassure him. 51'. "In limbo, all is confused and yet to be born." God expects of us our intellectual death and the spiritual birth of our heart.

52. True philosophy is based on the knowledge of perfectly experienced divine reality, which liberates men from all earthly servitude. 52'. Death is a light veiled with terror; the wise man considers it with serenity and experiences it with intelligence and benefit.

53. False science is that scaffolding of delirious thoughts built in the ignorance of the natural laws, and which constantly collapses into despair, madness and death. 53'. Clothes become rags, and rags become clothes again; he who wears them and throws them away does not change.

54. The former edifies in life by means of death,
the latter builds in death by means of life.
54'. That which seems impossible is sometimes easily accomplished, and that which seems easy is often unachievable.

55. 55. Those who give themselves titles of scholars and philosophers are subject to the effects of the evil that they carry within themselves and do not know how to reject.
They are ignorant of the cause of their fall and the means of their deliverance.
55'. DEATH is useful to everyone, but only one makes proper use of it, for very few know that the first and last wealth is hidden in the heart of exiled men.

56. They fabricate and distribute death on the hypocritical pretext2_1 of seeking life, but their works demonstrate definitively their pride and their insanity. 56'. The entire mystery of the world is enclosed in a single grain.
Who will make it green again? And who will make it bear fruit?
"Life is for those who respect it, love it, help it and give birth to it."

57. It is because mankind has a feeble and obscure heart that it rebuffs the strong emotions of divine love. 57'. The pearl is hidden in the abyss, and the sun lies in the pearl.

58. All is spirit, All is matter, depending on whether the Unique expands or condenses. 58'. God will inhabit the mire of the purified earth.

59. Divine science uses natural laws as means.
It transforms all and kills nothing.
It consolidates the sperm and multiplies the germ.
It manifests life by using death.
59'. God's creation is accomplished with ease, like everything that is purified and perfected by the to-ing and fro-ing of liberating grace and unifying love.

60. The living frighten the dead so much that not until they disappear is it announced that they exist. 60'. Heavenly water wears down everything and yet is worn down by nothing; it delivers us from the tomb.

61. The words of the wise are excellent, but those that claim to explain them are often bad. 61'. Food that is overheated is dead and unfit to sustain the hidden life.

62. Too many complications and too many subtleties bring anarchy and death. 62'. Nature teaches him who looks it in the face and who explores it until the secret foundation.

63. Vulgar men hate the wise man, but he does not despise the instruments of his work. 63'. In the most corrupt of men there lies a sublime and living light.

64. That which passes for madness, that which resembles a dream, that which appears incredible: this is what the wise man studies with love. 64'. Life in the shadow of death.
The cubic stone and the triangular stone hidden in the sphere of chaos.

65. That which the world despises, that which is rejected by all, that which appears vile and valueless: this is what the wise man examines with care. 65'. The mud of the abyss, the humility of the earth and the veil of death.
"The fundamental stone and the water of resurrection."

66. He who can do without the approval of men is not tempted to do a useless work. 66'. Freedom is conquered over passions, desires and death.

67. There is no greater punishment than that of ignoring God in the world, and there is no greater joy than to know him in one's heart. 67'. Between the wise man and the brute there is an abyss that only God can fill.
"Let us forgive lack of understanding4 and let us pray for the conversion of our enemies and persecutors."

68. Through man one can reach God more easily than through the entire Universe. 68'. On scrutinizing the image the model is easily recognized.

69. He who imagines himself to be strong amidst men is the weakest of beings in solitude. 69'. He who is true to himself is unfair to no-one.

70. No-one will seek God for us.
This is a belief of the lazy and of cowards.
70'. Only the food one chooses within oneself can be benefitted from.

71. Religions fight each other when God is ill served and ill loved. 71'. Disputes show up the true interest.

72. When we repulse a wise man, a saint, an artist or a poet, we increase his glory and we multiply our ills. 72'. The tree produces its fruit without worrying about who will eat it, but it needs the rain and the sun just like all that lives.

73. It is always the same people that teach the world and yet are the most despised during their life and the most betrayed after their death.
It is always the same people that deceive mankind and yet are the most honoured during their lifetime and the most respected after their death.
73'. The world prefers manufactured poison to the natural water from the sun and the moon.
"O, sleeping individuals of the dying crowds, your lamentable straying could not delight God's simple children; will you awake to the voice of the Lord who begs for your love?"

74. The worst people avenge the best without knowing it, and all concur to the enlightenment of man by man that leads to divine nature.
"He who knows the hidden meaning of the holy Scriptures no longer uses the word of God to curse men astray in death."
74'. Our brother is,
this wise man or this madman,
this saint or this criminal,
this chief or this beggar,
this child or this dead man.
"O, buried splendour! Holy water that delivers our souls from the foreign earth."

  The dart of the faith that touches hearts is arduous for mortals and despised by them.


  When faith is not total, it is not faith.


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