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According to Paracelsus, "the sumum of theological and philosophical truths is contained in the religion of the two lights, the light of grace and the light of nature". We have wanted to follow the lessons of this Renaissance genius, and to order the principles, the grace or mystic and the nature of chemistry.

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"The best man of all is like the water , which benefits all things, without being contained by any. It flows through places that others distain, where the Tao is more rapidly approached." ( Tao Te Ching )

"Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God ". ( John 3, 5)

"Water, through a salt that is imperceptible to the senses, dissolves the seeds that the earth contains. This dissolution separates the bodies, this separation drives them to putrefaction, and this putrefaction to a new life". (The Cosmopolite, Philosophical Letter )

"Have they seen how the earth produces water ? Do they know by which way water engenders the earth?" (L. Cattiaux, The Message Rediscovered 2, 27)

"Liquefy the earth and make the water , concentrated, then marry the hearth with the water and enjoy ehe peace of Lord in the stone sanctified by the union". (L. Cattiaux, The Message Rediscovered 3, 4)

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